I know firsthand how it feels to dislike your own reflection.
I know how it feels to talk to someone and at each glance think that they are looking at your flaws.
I survived self-distrust and low self-esteem caused by skin problems at a young age.
I know exactly how unpleasant it is to have spent a lot of money on doctors, treatments and cosmetics and get no result.
I understand how it feels to listen to unsolicited advice from armchair experts.
I share your pain and desperation.

BUT! DON’T GIVE UP! I think I can inspire you for changes. For that I would like to tell you my story.



My story

When I was 11, I faced the acne problem, just like many teenagers. Everyone said: “Spots at this age are normal… grow a little, your endocrine profile will change and they will go!” But know what? They didn’t.

I refused to accept this situation. I wanted to put no makeup on and eat what I want. I wanted to enjoy life, relish and not to think all the time about inflammations, uneven tone and sweetmeat restrictions recommended by every doctor. 

This had a significant impact on my personality. During the teen years, when the mind is shaping, it’s one of the hardest experiences to get through this hell: teasing, fear, embarrassment and non-acceptance. 


This is what I looked like in my teen years:


12 years fight against acne


3 acne relapses


Over 1 500$ wasted


Was treated by 7 different doctors

What helped?

I tried all possible methods of acne control. Ranging from grandma’s counsel “wipe your skin with Agropyrum tincture and wash your face with tar soap” to various checkups, a blood transfusion and resurfacings. 

Any good result was out of question. But I’m a persistent person. And thus, at some point I made one of the most important decisions in my life: “I’ll be exploring all possible sources until I find a solution to my problem.”

A very active learning period started in my life. I was studying several researches on dermatology and cosmetology a day, began to study cosmetic chemistry, was buying courses and seminars by the world’s leading doctors and delving into psychosomatics. 

  • Classical and Hardware Cosmetology diploma from the European beauty business school Cosmotrade;
  • Basic of Medical Knowledge diploma from the European beauty business school Cosmotrade;
  • Product knowledge training by COSMEDIX Academy;
  • Advanced Skin Science for Beauty Therapists by Kate Jangaria;
  • Dermatology: Trip to skin by Novosibirsk State University;
  • NEW COSMETOLOGY. Basic modern cosmetology by Ernandes E.I., Yutskovskaya Ya.A.; 
  • NEW COSMETOLOGY. Cosmetic products: ingredients, formulae and application by Margolina A.A., Ernandes E.I.; 
  • NEW COSMETOLOGY. Age and gender cosmetology by Ernandes E.I.; 
  • Acne and excessive oily skin by Ernandes E.I.; 
  • Advanced Skin Analysis. Skin diagnostics in cosmetologist’s and dermatologist’s practice by Barrett-Hill F.; 
  • Cosmetology facial anatomy by Vorobyov A.A., Chigrova N.A., Pylayeva I.O., Barinova Ye.A.; 
  • Stanford Introduction to Food and Health by Stanford University;
  • Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome by University of Colorado Boulder;
  • Clinical Dermatology by James Dinulos; and
  • Textbook of Cosmetic Formulations by Gaurav Kumar Sharma, Jayesh Gadhiya, Meenakshi Dhanawat.

What works?

Multidimensional approach. Absolutely any skin problem has direct relation to the functioning of other organs. It’s important to analyse everything taken as a whole. That is why doctors were of no help for me. Each was working strictly within their area of expertise: the dermatologist advised antibiotics first, the cosmetologist advised cleansing and the gastroenterologist advised changing my diet.

Scientific approach. There are numerous researches proving that some treatment methods are efficient and some are not. I rebuilt my self-care basing on this method and saw the effect on my skin immediately.

Individual approach. Every one of us is unique. And same methods shall not be applied to all. A lot of different nuances shall be taken into account, otherwise you would get no result.

Modern approach. What had effect 20 years ago, may be out of date now. The world changes and we change too. For instance, a modern man suffers more stress in a metropolis in one day than a man 100 years ago over half the life.

What does NOT work:

Stiff nutritional restrictions and refusal from many day-to-day foodstuffs and any abrupt change to veganism or vegetarianism as well.

Purchasing one "wonder" remedy to solve all your problems. Don’t buy into marketing.

Monthly visits to a cosmetologist for cleansing in the hope to get rid of acne and black spots.

Inconsiderately following advice given on the internet.

About beauty mentoring

Having obtained a diploma in cosmetology, I understood that I wanted to go beyond the classical consultant system which gave pre-fabricated stock answers to all questions. 

Here the mentoring idea came into my head.

People turn to me not only for solving skin problems but also for changing quality of their life. In order to change your skin, you need rethinking rather than botox or resurfacing. You have not merely to change your self-care but also to revise your nutrition, add physical activity, deal with stress and learn to accept yourself… This is a long-term self-improvement. 

Beauty mentoring is a unique system of interaction with you, where we work together on the transformation of your skin and enhancing quality of your life based on my experience and knowledge.

Beauty mentoring comprises:

  • Educating. You have to understand how it works

  • Correct setting of the transformation goal

  • Support. My personal recommendations and answers to questions during our work

Site philosophy

As your mentor in the world of beauty, I keep “feeding” upon knowledge and fresh information. For me it was important to build a site with unique self-care content written in plain language.