Working with me

In 2018, on the basis of my e-shop All Face  I started providing personalised advice. I helped more than 400 clients to solve their skin problems: acne, sensitivity, post acne and premature ageing, sensitivity. 

Beauty mentoring
  • 30 days of active self-improvement.

  • Suitable for those who want to enhance quality of their life and are ready to work towards. If you have wanted changes for long but have had neither motivation nor mentor.

The work includes: 

  1. your filling in a questionnaire indicating priorities and areas of life to improve (poor skin health, nutrition, general state, lack of self-confidence);

  2. 60 minutes of an advice talk with me;

  3. our setting objectives and shaping methods to meet them;

  4. your receiving an elaborate transformation guide in PDF;

  5. 30 days of my follow-up and support.

Does not include:

  1. working instead of you.


Who is the consultation for?

Almost any skin problem can be solved with home care:

  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Age changes
  • Pigmentation
  • Dehydration

What format do I work in?

  • You pay the charge and I will send you the questionnaire. I will also need a photo of your skin with no makeup applied.
  • I will analyse the information provided by you.
  • You will receive the prepared skin transformation system in PDF by email. Within 5 days with the Basic charge, 3 days with the Educating charge and 2 days with Beauty Mentoring.
  • You check out the system and then I will answer your questions.

Консультации по уходу

The “Educating” charge
  • Very informative, pushing self-care boundaries, effective and for those who want to delve into the finer points.

  • If it’s essential that you obtain advanced information, ‘dig deeper’ and self-improve.


  1. making a critical analysis of your current self-care and explaining in details which measures have effect and which have not;

  2. drawing up a new skin transformation system; 

  3. taking account of your requests, budget and products you use (if suitable for your skin);

  4. for each stage you are offered 4 or 5 product options and a detailed description for each stage of self-care;

  5. online support for 15 days;

  6. nutritional, lifestyle and skin quality improvement advice.

Does not include: 

  1. recommendation on a single magic remedy to solve all your problems.

“The Basic” charge
  • Easy, quick, effective and perfect for beginners.

  • If you don’t like waiting and want to promptly receive an appropriate bespoke self-care system.


  1. making a critical analysis of your current self-care;

  2. drawing up a new programme;

  3. taking account of your requests, budget and products you use (if suitable for your skin);

  4. answering questions about particular products for 7 days without further follow-up

Does not include:

  1. thorough explanations on each stage of self-care; 
  2. voice messages advising on nutrition, lifestyle and samples to give.